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Where to Get Help

Overview: Learning a new skill is challenging – especially when you’re learning on your own – and especially when you’re stuck on something. Thankfully, Automation Anywhere provides some excellent resources to help you get unstuck when you find yourself unsure how to solve a particular problem or deal with an issue you’re seeing. In this learning experience, we’ll break down some of the best available resources to get all your issues straightened out.

When learning a new technical skill, there’s this challenging jump that learners must make – leaping from the comfort of doing well laid out tutorials with explicit instruction, to starting to solve problems where the steps to get to that final solution aren’t so clear. Welcome to the life of being a problem solver! All joking aside, it can be intimidating when you get stuck on something – especially when you don’t feel like you know where to turn to get the problem straightened out. Lets take a look at some resources made available by Automation Anywhere to help resolve those roadblocks and get you back on track!

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The bad news about learning a new technical skills is that you will get stuck…it happens to all of us. The good news is that by establishing the habits of checking the documentation, searching through the forums, and knowing when/where to open a support request – you’ll soon find that you times of getting stuck will be fewer and further in between. It’s OK to get stuck, its OK to get frustrated from time to time – its most important that you know how to push past those times and not give up!