What Can Bots Actually Do?

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What Can Bots Actually Do?

Objective: With a foundation of what RPA actually is, it’s important to start thinking about how RPA can be applied. In this learning experience, we’ll take a look at what bots can do, and how they can be utilized in different areas of an organization.

Bots are RPA bots are specialized software robots that automate high-volume, repetitive, rule-based tasks in an auditable and reliable way…but what do bots actually do? And how can that help save my organization time, money, reduction in errors, etc…? The answer to both of these questions really depends on the manual efforts that take place in different areas within your organization.

Take for example processing sales orders: Regardless of the size of your organization, there is some place that your company is tracking customer relationship data (in a CRM, xls, some other system of record) where data needs to be updated in the case of a sale. Additionally, most organizations also leverage an enterprise resource planning application as a part of the sales process which helps them manage things like purchasing inventory, finance, marketing, and human resources – all which may have records/data that need updating to reflect the sale. Typically it then becomes the responsibility of the finance/accounting team to make sure that data is appropriately replicate between those two systems…among other proprietary applications an organization may use. That’s not only time consuming, but can be an error prone process as well.

Bots could be leveraged in a situation like this to support the sales activities end to end – from creating sales order entries, to replicating data between systems, and even automatically generating and sending invoices/renewal reminders.

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Understanding the processes that other organizations have found as good opportunities for automation is a great way to starting to explore what bots are actually capable of. Learning about some of the capabilities of RPA bots on Automation Anywhere is also a great way to start creatively approaching and uncovering automation opportunities within your organization. As you reflect on the case studies and discussion above – what tasks are keeping your group from moving as quickly as you might like? How would the automation of some of your daily tasks free you up to better engage with your customers and more thoughtfully approach how you can bring value to your organization?