Bot Editor Deep Dive

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Bot Editor Deep Dive

Objective: As you come to understand the capabilities of robotic process automation and using bots to automate redundant, rule-based tasks – its important to also understand the capabilities available out of box to bot developers. In this learning experience, we’ll highlight the interface and some of the capabilities of the Bot Editor and establish a pattern for learning about how to better understand the use of the available packages.

To progress in the use of any application requires an understanding of its capabilities as well as information related to their appropriate application. For bot building, that means diving head first into the capabilities of the Bot Editor. Through the Bot Editor, developers can create, test, and review bot builds. As a bot builder, it’s important you’re familiar with the Bot Editor interface so that you know what packages are available and a general idea of the actions they contain, how to create and modify variables, and how to test (and debug) your bot as you progress towards its completion.

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The Bot Editor should be a place that developers feel the comfortable using as they build and test automations. If you wouldn’t say the interface and its capabilities all feel like second nature to you right now, thats totally fine. The purpose of this learning experience was to introduce you to some of the capabilities of the Bot Editor and demonstrate the pattern that developers follow in referring to documentation when something is unclear to them. As you continue to build bots and take on more challenging automation opportunities, you should find that the Bot Editor interface starts to feel more and more like second nature in supporting your bot builds.