Reusing Bots and Packages from Bot Store

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Reusing Bots and Packages from Bot Store

Overview: Automation Anywhere’s Bot Store offers hundreds of pre-built bots and packages for both Automation 360 as well as Enterprise v11. In this learning experience, we’ll take a look at leveraging the pre-built content available in Bot Store to quickly build complex automations.

Automation Anywhere’s Bot Store is the world’s largest RPA marketplace – containing several hundred pre-built bots and packages built by process automation and integration specialists. Leveraging Bot Store, developers can expect to accelerate their RPA development up to 70% at half the cost by utilizing pre-built, customizable and reusable bots and packages.

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The Bot Store proposition for developers is to improve their development experience – from pre-built bots and packages to being a great place to explore new automation ideas. As you embark on new bot builds or review older builds for improvements, make a habit of checking Bot Store to see what components might improve your automation and speed up your development timeline.

Finally, as you gain experience as an RPA developer and seek to demonstrate that expertise publicly, consider submitting bots and packages to Bot Store in order to help the community build better bots using the components you’ve developed. Check out the Bot Store Submission Checklist to learn more about the process of submitting bots and packages to Bot Store.