Learn About Automation 360 Actions and Packages

Actions are the essential building blocks of a Bot. They are the commands that tell a Bot what to do.

Actions are grouped into packages. For example, the File package contains File related actions, such as Create, Open, Delete, Print Multiple files and Rename that you can insert into the Bot editor to automate a process working with files.

Similarly, the Excel advanced package contains Excel-related actions, such as Open, Go to cell, and Delete cells, that you can insert in to the Bot editor to automate a spreadsheet process.

Actions in the Bot editor are configurable. Click on the action to see the fields and features that you can configure.

For ex: In the action Email – Send, you can configure the following parameters: To address, Cc (optional), Bcc (optional), Subject, Attachment (optional), Send email as, Message and Send email via.

After an action from a package is used in a bot, that package becomes a dependent file of that bot.

Learn more about the Actions and packages in this link:

You can also build your own packages using our Java SDK which will be covered in the later sections.