Best Practices: Building Reusable and Secure Automation 360 Bots and Packages

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Best Practices: Building Reusable and Secure Automation 360 Bots and Packages

Overview: Knowing how to build bots and packages is clearly important to being able to create solutions for automation opportunities, but are your bots and packages consistently following establish best practices for re-usability and security? In this learning experience, learn about the best practices suggested by Automation Anywhere and how you might implement them within your organization.

Beyond automating the task at hand, there are several questions developers should be asking themselves as they are developing bots and packages: Am I doing my development in a way that components from this bot could be easily reused and integrated into other bots? Are there parts of the process I’m automating that are similar to already built bots/packages which I should be leveraging instead of building from scratch? Is my bot/package built in a way that I am introducing a possible security risk on deployment or execution of my bot/package?

If you haven’t been asking yourself such questions – its okay, but its time to start. Bots and packages should be developed in a way where potential re-usability and security risk exposure should be considered in the planning, execution, and deployment phases of the bot build. Lets take a look at some best practices for creating reusable bots and command packages, as well as some best practices for creating secure, reliable bots.

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Just like employees adhere to an organizations physical and virtual security best practices, bots and packages must do the same. RPA practices with the foresight to build secure, reusable bots and packages will be able to scale more quickly and find a faster return on their automation investments. Whether you’re an experienced bot builder, or just getting started – there’s no better time than now to start putting into practice efforts to focus on reusability and ensuring security best practices are being followed in all of your bot builds.