Automating with JavaScript Integration

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Automating with JavaScript Integration

Overview: JavaScript is a popular programming language that is well supported, dynamically typed, and is one of the core technologies of the web. Beyond its capabilities to enable interactive front-end applications, JavaScript can also be used to do data manipulations, validations, and utility operations to support Automation 360 bots.

JavaScript is a dynamic programming language that is well supported in development communities, is easy to learn, and doesn’t require the pre-installation of any specific software or IDE’s to build and test. Many developers find its a great language to use for creating quick data validation scripts, sorting operations, or manipulations of data. Like Python and VBScript, embeded JavaScript is included as a package in Automation 360 to allow developers to use JavaScript functions from within their bots.

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Note: While the tutorial above uses manual input for the JavaScript, its likely a best practice to use a control room file or a file hosted elsewhere. Take a look at the resources section for information on Managing Bot Dependencies to learn more about uploading and managing files that bots depend on for execution.


JavaScript is a dynamic, powerful, and well-supported programming language. The beauty of Automation 360 JavaScript integration is that the expansive array of freely available JavaScript libraries, data manipulation capabilities, and shortcuts for performing calculations are all available to supercharge your bots. As developers continue to explore reusability, quick calculations, and the need for easy-to-use code, they will surely recognize the power of this RPA language integration.