Why Build on Bot Store?

Build your business on Bot Store

Bot Store offers the largest opportunity to build a recurring revenue stream on the most comprehensive, easy to use RPA platform with the largest enterprise customer base. Thanks to IP protection, billing infrastructure, global sales and marketing, Bot Store makes it easy to efficiently expand to clients across the globe.

Create a Recurring Revenue Stream

Bot Store is the only place to build your intelligent automation publisher business thanks to a comprehensive set of tools that unleash innovation and arecurring revenue stream. Build your business on the RPA solution with the largest enterprise customer base.

Reach Customers Globally

Expand without overhead by leveraging our global sales team and their incentives, quotas and training. Reach prospects globally leveraging our multichannel Bot Store marketing. Leverage our billing infrastructure to scale while reducing overhead.

Establish and Protect Your IP

Innovate confidently with code protection to ensure that your valuable IP cannot be copied. Drive conversion with metered 30 day trials. Drive annual renewals with license management.


Fill out our form to tell us about the bot, package, or Digital Worker you want to build.

We'll then send you a complete Getting Started kit that provides everything you need to get started.


Build your bot, package, or Digital Worker, following our guidelines to:

  • Enforce 30 day free trials and annual subscriptions
  • Protect your IP from being copied with Code Protection
  • Make it easy for customers to configure and use
  • Package your bot, package, or Digital Worker for submission


  • Go to My Submissions.
  • Follow the step-by-step submission process, paying special attention to the best practice guidelines for each step.
  • We'll review your submission, and once our review is finished, we'll publish it to Bot Store!

Let's get started with building your business! Make a Request to Bot Store today to post a paid bot, package, or Digital Worker.

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