Shipment Processing

Genexit International, a manufacturing company, has received a list of orders and intends to ship them with tracking numbers. For each PO number, corresponding details for the order are available in the ProcureEase appplication. Use this information to generate the tracking number using the ShipGlobe Tracking Number Generator application. Select the Shipping Type (based on the rules below) for the listed PO numbers, and submit the form.

Purchase Orders

Fill in the missing data for the following purchase orders before you submit. Select the Shipping Type based on the following criteria: For orders with a value of $300 or less, Ground Shipping should be chosen. For orders with a value of $600 or greater, Express Plus should be selected. Otherwise, Express should be the preferred option.

Rules for solving this challenge:

Use a Generative AI provider (such as ChatGPT) to obtain the full name of the state associated with the state code in the ProcureEase purchase order lookup application. For instance, if the state code for PO Number 99-771-9626 is "TX," send "TX" to ChatGPT to retrieve the full state name. Extract the state name from the model's response and use it in the Tracking number generator application to generate the tracking number.