Sales Order Validation

Validating orders is a time consuming process for Catchy Components. They desperately need a bot to automate the process of validating orders to improve their customer experience and send invoices out in a timely fashion. The Bot must start by launching this challenge page. From there, the bot needs to click the link below to launch the organization's sales order application, navigate to the Sales Order tab, then start validating orders.

  • For each order with a status of “Confirmed” or “Delivery Outstanding” - the bot needs to expand the order by clicking the “+” button

    • For each item included in the order, the bot needs to perform a lookup in the tracking details in the Global Express tracking website
    • If the status for all items is “Delivered” - the bot needs to click the “Generate Invoice” button for the entire order
    • If one or more items from the order are not yet delivered, no action should be taken on this order.

Once all orders have been checked, the bot should click the “Export” button in the top right corner of the Sales Order app to generate a sales order report that should be uploaded below in order to be validated.

Disclaimer: For your submission to be valid, you must launch this challenge page, and all subsequent apps from here. No pre-caching data, no uploading a previously created csv.

Sales App Login

Sales App Username:
Sales App Password: i7D32S&37K*W

Global Express Tracking

Global Express is an established partner for Catchy Components and provides a helpful tracking application that enables Catchy Components to check up on the status of shipped orders at any time

Sales Validation

Upload the csv template to validate the sales orders.