Healthcare AI Challenge

A Healthcare Company Medikorps provides treatment for a number of ailments and wants to standardize its report generation process. Once the patient visits the doctor, he sends out the details about the patient's condition and the medicines prescribed in an email to the medical assistant for report generation. As the healthcare facility has a large number of patients visiting every day, report generation is getting delayed, so the facility wants to build a bot to automate the process.

Launch the mailbox below and read the doctor's notes from each unread email. Pass the body of the email to ChatGPT and extract the following key values: patient name, doctor's name, diagnosis, medicines prescribed, blood pressure, weight, height, blood oxygen level, and resting heart rate. Once you have all the values, enter them one by one for all the patients into the Report generation application form below to see your score.

Hint: Be clear in asking about the specific fields and the format in which you need the values from ChatGPT.

Patient Details