Invoices received from various company vendors must be entered into the Integrated Invoicing Solutions accounting app. Download the zip of the invoices below for processing. Add each invoice's details to the form below, pressing submit between each entry. Once all invoices have been entered, the challenge is complete.

Download Invoices

Invoice Processing

Add invoice details below for proper accounting and reporting. Invoices are paid upon invoice approval

Invoice Details

File Upload

Each invoice detail must also be submitted with the invoice file itself for tax purposes. Please select the accompying invoice image as PDF, TIF/TIFF, JPEG/JPG or PNG.

Select Invoice for Upload

Submit Invoice

By submitting the invoice above, I acknowledge that the invoice details are true to the best of my knowledge. Once the invoice is submitted, it will go through an approval process before payment is submitted. For immediate payment or questions, please contact the Accounts Payable team at

Please acknowledge that you agree to the terms above: