Employee data needs to be migrated from a legacy thick client HR app as well as an internal HR onboarding API into the organizations new HR system of record - Busy Bees Resource Management. Download the legacy thick client app and make note of the API details listed below. For each of employee ID provided on this challenge page in the Employee Data section below, fill in all related employee details by looking up the employee in both systems of record. Enter the details for 10 emplyoees to complete the challenge.

Thick Client Legacy App

This legacy app has MOST but not all employee details. Download and search by employee ID for employee information. Full source of this app available on GitHub for reference.

Download Legacy App
HR Onboarding API

Employee start date and phone number details can be found in the HR Onboarding API. To query the API for a specific employee, the format of the call is https://botgames-employee-data-migration-vwsrh7tyda-uc.a.run.app/employees?id='employeeID' where employee is the actual employee ID number.

Note: Make this call without the single quotes shown in the example.

Employee Data Migration

Please fill in the employee details as required for each of the provided employee IDs. New ID provided after form submit.

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