Cyber Loss Prevention

Credit card fraud accounted for $28.58 Billion in losses for global financial institutions in 2020 alone. To combat rampant fraud, the cyber loss prevention team at Eagle One Financial is taking a non-traditional approach to combat losses: scraping credit card dumps from dark web pages in an effort to try to identify compromised accounts.

Ryan Club - The Dark Web

Click the link below to be taken to Ryans Club - a simulated dark web location that recently published a large dump of stolen credit card numbers. The data available for each stolen credit card is incomplete (because they want you to buy it) - so scrape the listings on their page and try to identify how many (if any) of the cards listed were issued.

Eagle One Financial - Customer Database

The database provided below is a SQLite DB. It contains all of Eagle One Financial's customers - with their data spread across 2 tables. (Note: if you want to explore the data/table structure a bit more, you can download SQLiteStudio to take a look at how the database is set up or you can review the database diagram here)

Since the data available in Ryan's Club isn't complete, you'll need to figure out how to best check for matching customers using the data that's available.

Eagle One Financial - Cancellations CSV Template

Eagle One Financial's objective is to eliminate/reduce the financial impact of fraudlent transactions by identifying and proactively cancelling/reissuing new cards to impacted customers. For each impacted customer you identify:

The uploaded file will then be validated to provide you with a score on how quickly/accurately you were able to identify the exposed customer's details.

Ryan's Club Login

Ryan's Club Username:
Ryan's Club Password: letme!n
Customer Database Download

Since its a SQLite DB, it can be downloaded and queried locally using Automation Anywhere's Database Package.
Cancellations CSV Template

Add all matched customers to this CSV template before submitting below.

Cancel and Reissue Cards

Upload Cancellations.csv to initiate the card cancellation and re-issue new cards.