Build Custom Action Package

A Plug-In Architecture for Easy Extensibility

The Automation Anywhere Enterprise A2019 plug-in architecture makes it easy for developers to create and upload new packages of well-defined actions into their Control Room, and then use those actions within their bots.

Automation Anywhere pre-installs a set of popular packages, which are available to both Enterprise A2019 and Community Edition users. With the Package SDK, new and custom packages can be created by Automation Anywhere, developers within your own organization, and third-party providers.

Build Your Own Packages with the Package SDK

The Automation Anywhere Package Development Kit (Package SDK) for Java Developers enables you to:

  • Create custom actions, and configure them with conditions, validation rules, variables, etc.
  • Organize a set of actions into a package
  • Compile the package as a Java Archive (JAR) file
  • (Enterprise Users only) Upload and manage packages in your Control Room

Upgrade and Deploy Packages Independently

As a developer using the Package SDK, you create each package as a standalone application, with its own UI layer and a logic layer. This modular design approach enables authorized users to deploy and upgrade your Control Room’s packages independently, without interrupting other processes.

  • Centralized Deployment: As soon as a package’s default version is upgraded or a new custom package is uploaded to your Control room, it becomes immediately and automatically available to all the bot creators in their web interface. Also, it becomes available to all Bot Runner machines that run bots that use the package.
  • Creator-Controlled Bot Updates: Existing bots that still use older versions of the package will not change, until a bot creator updates those bots to use the new version. This approach reduces the need for QA regression testing across your company’s bots every time someone adds or upgrades packages in your Control Room.

Thus, by following Automation Anywhere’s best practices for package development and deployment, you enable IT managers to roll out new bot capabilities to all users via one Control Room, without requiring other product or platform updates; and you reduce the QA time and cost usually associated with company-wide software upgrades. This reduces the typical maintenance overhead and total cost of ownership associated with managing and upgrading bots across hundreds of client installations.

Download the Package SDK for Java Developers

The Package SDK includes sample code, documentation, and supporting files.

For detailed release notes for the SDK Packages, see Enterprise A2019 Package Development Kit Release Notes

Start Using the Package SDK

  • Developer docs: Refer to the Package SDK tutorials and docs for information about setting up your IDE, package development best practices, how-to examples, package installation and upgrades, and more.
  • Self-paced training: Learn the basics of installing and updating packages using Automation Anywhere University’s self-paced online courses.