Working with Google Document AI in Automation 360 platform


Join us for a Virtual Meetup on the topic ‘Working with Google Document AI in Automation 360 platform’

Hello fellow RPA developers, we are excited to connect with you during our upcoming meetup on May 25th, Wednesday between 7.30 PM – 9. 00 PM IST (10 AM – 11.30 AM EDT).

In this session, let’s explore the power of using Google Document AI with the Automation 360 platform.

Google Cloud provides a group of AI-powered parsers that take documents in various formats and return cleanly structured data.

Specialized solutions such as Lending DocAI, Procurement DocAI and Contract DocAI are available from Google to solve industry-specific use cases related to data extraction.

We will build an Automation 360 bot live, understand how data is passed between systems, and extract the required information to automate a mortgage process.

Guest speaker: Sukhjinder Singh Virk is an RPA manager with a total work experience of 21 years. He has more than 7 years in automation and delivering end-to-end solutions using Automation Anywhere for the last 2 years.

To join us, please register here.

Here are the meetup group links in different cities for you to join. We look forward to meeting you in person once the conditions get better, till then let’s continue to meet online.

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We want to make sure the content at our meetup groups effectively meets the needs of our audience. In that regard, please feel free to let us know the topics, concepts, and capabilities you’d like to see in upcoming meetings using the email id shared below.

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