What is Bot Wars?


Bot Games 2021 kicked off on July 26th with the opening of the Bot Games hackathon. If you haven’t registered yet, the Bot Games hackathon is a great way to demonstrate your bot-building skills and win your share of $18,000USD in cash and prizes…but that’s not what this article is about. This article is all about Bot Wars – what it is, when it starts, and how you can get your hands on some limited-edition Bot Games swag.

What is Bot Wars?

New to Bot Games this year is Bot Wars. Bot Wars is a collection of challenge pages designed to test your abilities as an RPA bot builder, stimulate creative problem solving, and encourage a sense of friendly competition in the Automation Anywhere developer community. Each Monday for the first 4 weeks in August, we will release a Bot Wars challenge page – which can be solved using Automation 360 or Automation 360 Community Edition. Each challenge page will capture the speed and accuracy of the bot created to automate its user interfaces – providing users with immediate feedback on their bot as the challenge attempt is completed.

Developers are encouraged to share their Bot Wars challenge page results with others on social media so the developer community at large can celebrate your accomplishment…not to mention the chance to win Bot Games swag, but more on that below. As the month progresses each challenge page will get progressively more difficult, and require the use of different Automation 360 packages; this keeps the challenges fun and also requires developers to expand on their familiarity with different packages. Because all challenges are timed, we hope that the exercises encourage solving the same problems in multiple ways to see how execution timing is impacted by said adjustments.

Where is Bot Wars?

Bot Wars challenge pages will be released each week on the Bot Games Events page right here on the Automation Anywhere Developer Portal. Each week’s challenge will be introduced/explained in a short video/blog post so everyone knows the rules – then it’s every man/woman for themselves to solve the Bot Wars challenge. (Don’t worry – if you get stuck, we’ll be doing Ask the Experts: Bot Games sessions on aPeople Wednesday of every week to help those who are stuck on a question for the hackathon or Bot Wars challenge. For more details on the live weekly session, check out the Bot Games Events page.)

When is Bot Wars?

Bot Wars kicks off on Monday, August 2nd at 10 AM IST. As mentioned, there will be 4 total challenge pages released – each following a slightly different departmental/use case theme. Solution tutorials for each week’s challenge page will be available the Thursday following the release of the challenge. These tutorials will explain a common approach to solving each challenge page as well as highlight some of the ways that the solution could be adjusted to “speed things up”. Try your best to solve each week’s challenge before the Thursday solution tutorial is released for ultimate bragging rights. Beyond bragging rights though, there is one more reason why you might want to complete each challenge and share your results on social media…

How Can I Get Bot Games Swag?

The Automation Anywhere social media team will be keeping an eye on Twitter and LinkedIn throughout the month of August looking for RPA developers who are sharing the success message from their Bot Wars challenge page. The social team has a number of swag packs to hand out throughout the month and they’re looking to recognize developers who are sharing and engaging with others about Bot Games and Bot Wars. What’s the best way to get noticed by the social team?

  1. Complete the challenges as they are released and capture a screenshot of your completion message.
  2. Share your Bot Wars success screenshot on social media using the hashtags #BotGames and #RPAugust.
  3. Tag Automation Anywhere as well as 3 other Automation Anywhere developers who you challenge to also complete the Bot Wars exercise.
  4. Engage with others who are posting their success messages…like, and comment to congratulate them on their accomplishments to increase your visibility as well as theirs.

Keep completing each week’s challenge, keep liking, keep commenting, and keep sharing – and you may find a DM headed your way from the Automation Anywhere team with a link to get limited edition Bot Games swag!


In addition to Bot Wars, each weekday of the month of August we’ll be releasing new developer content – like community-contributed articles from the A-listers and RPA developer community, and Bot Store tutorials breaking down how best to use and apply some of the most popular Bot Store packages. It all starts Monday, August 2nd. For more details, check out the Bot Games Events page. Hope to see you out there!

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