Virtual Meetup: Working with the Automation 360 Control Room API


Join us for a Virtual Meetup on the topic ‘Working with the Automation 360 Control Room API’

Hello fellow RPA developers, we are excited to connect with you during our upcoming meetup on Oct 13th between 3.00 – 4.30 PM IST.

The Automation Anywhere Control Room provides various APIs that allow you to customize the way that you (and your bots) interact with the Automation Anywhere platform.

During this virtual meetup, our Guest speaker Asif Shaikh will discuss the following topics:
– Control Room Authentication
– Deploying a bot
– Export and Import a bot
– Create and manage User Accounts and Roles
– Create and manage Credentials

To join us, register here.

Speaker Bio: Asif Shaikh

He is a certified RPA Developer with 7+ years of experience in RPA development using Automation Anywhere. He is a self-directed leader with expertise in automating different types of applications and has excellent knowledge of SAP, Automation Anywhere APIs and AWS cloud.

When he’s not building bots, you can find Asif on LinkedIn as well as on the forums of APeople.


Here are the meetup group links in different cities for you to join. We look forward to meeting you in person once the conditions get better, till then let’s continue to meet online.

Bengaluru Meetup Group

Delhi Meetup Group

Chennai Meetup Group

Hyderabad Meetup Group

Pune Meetup Group

Singapore Meetup Group

We want to make sure the content at our meetup groups effectively meets the needs of our audience. In that regard, please feel free to let us know the topics, concepts, and capabilities you’d like to see in upcoming meetings through the form link shared above.

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