Merge all the PDFs within a folder into a single PDF


Merge multiple PDFs within a folder into a single PDF

In this tutorial, we will learn how to use ‘Automation 360 – PDF Utilities Package’ from Bot Store to build a bot to merge all the PDFs within a folder into a single PDF.

Data setup: To try out this exercise, you can download sample PDFs (5 PDFs) from here (Unzip the folder and place the PDFs in the input PDF directory).

Navigate to the page

Click on ‘Get Package’. This will take you to the login page for your Bot Store Account. Enter your credentials and click on ‘Get Package’ again.

You will see a modal with the text ‘This download is governed by the package’s EULA and the Bot Store Terms you agreed to when you created your account.’. Click on ‘Ok, Get Package

You will now see the next modal with a Success message and asking you to select the Control Room URL or Enter the Control Room URL based on whether you have previously entered the Control Room URL from this account. In my case, I will select ‘New URL’ and enter the Control Room URL and Click on ‘Go‘.

You will now be redirected to the Bot Store page within the Control Room (login to CR if not logged in earlier) and will ask to enter the Bot Store credentials to establish a connection between Control Room and your Bot Store Account.

You will now be taken to your Control Room – Bot Store → My Downloads page with the package details along with the status as ‘Not Installed’. Click on 3 dots on the right corner as highlighted in the screenshot below.

Click on ‘Add to My bots’.

Click on ‘Yes – Continue

Refresh the table and the installation status will get updated to ‘Installed’.

Navigate to the Packages page and search for ‘PDF’. ‘PDFUtils’ package will be displayed with ‘Enabled’ status.

Now, let’s create a bot to merge multiple PDFs within a folder into a single PDF.

Search for the PDFUtils package in the Actions panel, drag and drop the action ‘Merge all PDF files into the workbench.

On the right side, in the properties panel, configure the parameters. In the first field ‘Directory with PDF files‘, enter the directory where all the input PDF files are placed and need to be merged. In the second field ‘Resulting File’, enter the output PDF file name along with the full path as shown in the screenshot below.

In my input folder, I have placed 5 PDF files with 1 page each.

Click on Save and Run the Bot. Navigate to the output file path to check the merged PDF file. This PDF has 5 pages merged from all the 5 Input PDFs.

This concludes the tutorial. Hope you enjoyed learning how to use a Package from Bot Store and building a bot to merge all the PDFs within a folder into a single PDF.


Before you build any custom logic to achieve a specific functionality, search for Bots and Packages in Bot Store. You might find a pre-built one already available to be used in your Bots.

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