Meet the 2021 Developer A-listers


Meet the 2021 Developer A-listers

The A-lister program exists to recognize individuals identified as distinguished customer advocates and Automation Anywhere influencers within the RPA community. These individuals represent a breadth of technical expertise, thought leadership, and community influence. We’re excited about this year’s group of Developer A-Listers and we hope you take a minute to get to know each of them a little more.

I lead SYKES Digital Services’ global alliance relationships, including ISV partners like Automation Anywhere. I’m passionate about all things robotics, future of work, and the blending of human & digital labor to create human-centric automation.
A regular fun-loving guy, overdependent on Technology. I thrive on challenges and for me, learning is an endless journey. I am highly adaptable and tend to mold myself according to requirements.
I am ambitious & passionate about learning new things, everything from making pancakes to learning artificial intelligence. I am curious & love to apply technology and techniques to solve both personal and business problems. I love helping enterprises/start-ups/institutes/individuals in their digital transformation journey.
I am curious, creative, inventive, and driven. I thrive on challenges, embrace change, and love learning from every single experience. I’m always looking for an opportunity to do better and achieve greatness. I am passionate about designing new ways of doing things better, make the best use of technologies such as RPA, and helping organizations accelerate their transformation journey and the achievement of their strategic goals.
I’m professional, creative, and am a dedicated technology architect. Technology consultation, assisting in defining the scope and sizing of work, supporting opportunity identification, and pursuing manual processes are the essential parts of my role as an architect.
I’m passionate about optimizing, automating, and improving processes wherever possible. Continuous improvement and education enthusiast. Love to laugh and have fun as I go through my day!
I’m a Senior RPA Consultant acting as Team Lead, #1 top A-People contributor, and a certified RPA trainer. I’m enthusiastic about RPA and I love to support people during their RPA and Digital Transformation journeys. Additionally, I’ve built a few good bots on Automation Anywhere Bot Store I’d encourage everyone to check out. #KhaledMostafaMe
I love delivering best-in-class process improvement through automation for cross-functional teams across operations including Compliance, Finance, Accounting, IT, and Client Services. Direct experience in building out scalable automated solutions with Automation Anywhere, as well as integrating with business intelligence platforms, financial reporting systems, SQL, Power Pivot for dashboards, VBA / Excel Macros, Excel Database Connections, Power Query, and Visio.
I like calling myself a curious kid! I love technology, it has always excited me and keeps providing an undying desire to learn and explore further. I like solving challenges and always look forward to providing resilient solutions with a pinch of innovation to do always something different and new.
I’m a self-motivated, technology enthusiast with a passion for delivering business value with Automation. My approach is to focus on people, processes, and technology for a successful digital transformation through Robotics and Cognitive Automation. I’ve personally been using Automation Anywhere since version 8.x
I’m an RPA Engineer and Automation Anywhere Certified Master RPA Professional, with experience establishing enterprise-grade RPA architecture enabling complex automation projects. I’m focused on developing processes and strategies for streamlining the RPA framework, ensuring scalable and extensible solutions.
I have 13+ years in the IT industry, 4+ years in Robotic Process Automation. I’m currently working as an RPA Lead at Accenture, helping clients with Automation Solutions, providing solution architectures w.r.t to Business cases. While leading the RPA teams, I’m also engaging with SAP Landscape, Oracle, and other technology platforms for use case identification and implementation feasibility.
I’m a passionate developer, motivator, mentor, and quick learner.

I’m a fun-loving and results-focused professional.

I am a problem solver who likes to try and find efficient ways to make things better, unless I’m walking in a grocery store then I’m just lost. Since being involved with RPA for almost 3 years now I have primarily worked on v11 and I am loving Automation 360 even more as it makes the work more fun and enjoyable.