Join us for a Virtual Meetup on 'Getting Started with AARI'

Join us for a Virtual Meetup on ‘Getting Started with AARI – Automation Anywhere Robotic Interface’

Hello fellow RPA developers, we are excited to connect with you during our upcoming meetup on Apr 22nd between 3.00 – 4.30PM IST.

We all understand that meeting in person is still not a safe choice, why not make use of our online platforms to meet and greet our developers across multiple cities.

In this meetup, we would like to introduce you to our latest product line AARI – Automation Anywhere Robotic Interface.

Think of AARI as every employee’s digital assistant. AARI helps you scale automation across your workforce by providing all employees easy access to RPA across platforms, applications, and devices.

Whether you are automating tasks in the front office, back office, or anything in between, AARI can help you.

AARI surfaces automation capabilities within front-office applications like Salesforce, Microsoft Excel, and Google Sheets, bringing automation to employees’ day-to-day tasks. AARI enables teams to work together via intuitive screens and trigger automations based on agent activities, IVR sequence, application interaction, after-call requirements, and more.

If you would like to get a brief glimpse of what AARI is, here is a short video for you to get started:

In this meetup, we will cover the following topics:

– What is AARI

– Use cases for AARI

– How to access AARI for free

– AARI Demo

– Q & A

Please register here to receive the online meeting link.

Here are the meetup group links in different cities for you to join. We look forward to meeting you in person once the conditions get better, till then let’s continue to meet online.

Bengaluru Meetup Group

Delhi Meetup Group

Chennai Meetup Group

Hyderabad Meetup Group

Pune Meetup Group

Singapore Meetup Group

We want to make sure the content at our meetup groups effectively meets the needs of our audience. In that regard, please feel free to let us know the topics, concepts, and capabilities you’d like to see in upcoming meetings through the form link shared above.