Getting Started with Discovery Bot


Getting Started with Discovery Bot

Automation Anywhere Discovery Bot is a process discovery solution. It accelerates and scales automation initiatives by recording user activities, documenting business processes, helping analyze process variances to identify automation opportunities with the highest business impact, and generating bot blueprints to automate them. Discovery Bot is integrated into the Automation 360 platform.

To brief about what is automated process discovery, it is a technique to uncover business processes to be automated by recording user interactions with various systems. Discovery Bot records necessary data such as mouse movements, clicks, etc. for identifying RPA opportunities and automatic creation of bots.

Steps to identify processes to be automated

Here is an illustration of the steps involved in how Discovery Bot supports your automation journey from process discovery to bot creation.

Output from Discovery Bot:

  • PDD – Process Definition Document
  • RPA Bot shell

Roles and Licenses in Discovery Bot:

Discovery Bot Admin – Discovery Bot administrator creates processes and associates Discovery Bot users to one or more processes.

System provided Discovery Bot role: AAE_Discovery Bot Admin

Discovery Bot license required: None

Discovery Bot Analyst – Analyst can view all approved recordings from assigned users for a given process and create one or more opportunities from individual or multiple recordings and can convert the opportunities into bot prototypes. Also, can export an opportunity to a Word document as PDD.

System provided Discovery Bot role: AAE_Discovery Bot Analyst

Discovery Bot license required: Process analyzer, Bot Creator license


Discovery Bot User – Users are assigned to one or more business processes by the administrator. They create recordings of the processes.

System provided Discovery Bot role: AAE_Discovery Bot User

Discovery Bot license required: Process recorder


Discovery Bot is a great option for you to identify business processes to be automated, prepare PDDs and create bot shells that you can customize and make them production-ready.

Automation 360 platform includes other product lines such as AARI (Automation Anywhere Robotic Interface) and IQ Bot (Intelligent Document Processing Platform). To know more about these products, please visit these respective links for AARI and IQ Bot.